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Sweetie Pie and Gramma

$19.99 $29.99

This delightful book which is written in an easy to read style, and illustrated with brightly colored pictures, tells the story of a little girl called Sweetie Pie, and her beloved grandmother, who helps her deal with the death of a dear family friend. In the story, Sweetie Pie is allowed to express her feelings of grief with the support of Gramma. The fear of losing a beloved caregiver to death is explored. Words such as “funeral”, “grave”, “cemetery”, “wreath”, and “funeral home” are presented as part of the dialogue between Sweetie Pie and Gramma, and the words “dead” and “died” are used instead of the often preferred “passed away”, or “went to heaven”. This story is based on real life events and actual people who were a part of the author’s childhood experiences.


• Author: Dr. Gladys Felicia Dinkins Johnson

• Date published: Oct/01/2015

• ISBN: 978-1-944242-35-0

• Price: 19.99

• Format: Hardback

• Genre: Children’s Fiction


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